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The Greenaccord Campaign #nogoingback

For a world that restarts by pledging to eliminate inequalities and respect for the environment. We at Greenaccord want to put our face on it. Join us!

 Rome, 18/05/2020

What if we tried to think of the Covid19 pandemic as an opportunity? An opportunity to start again in a different way. To finally embark on the path of social and environmental justice. This is the objective of the campaign by Greenaccord onlus #indietrononsitorna (#nogoingback), which starts today.

«Covid19 has highlighted how much nature can influence human life. And, if the relationship between man and nature is not correct, the consequences can be devastating – explains Alfonso Cauteruccio, president of Greenaccord -. During inactivity due to the pandemic, it was clear, for example, that with the reduction of car traffic and work activities, the air is cleaned up and nature regains its space. We, as an association, have for years denounced the unsustainability of the current global system based on consumption. A system that destroys the environment, and does not worry in the least about the negative impact on the lives of people, especially those who live in developing countries. For this reason, with our #indietrononsitorna campaign we want to point out that the time for change has come, that the future must be built on other foundations, that an “ecological conversion” is needed from current production models to other more inclusive and generative ones that take due account of the fragility of creation ».

Greenaccord, an association born in 2003 to stimulate everyone’s commitment to the issue of environmental protection, and strengthened in its intentions by Pope Francis ‘encyclical “Laudato si'”, takes the field with a new initiative. The campaign #nogoingback leaves no room for misunderstandings. Another social and environmental model is needed because the planet is exhausted.

The members of the Board of Greenaccord, first of all, but also those who wish among those who have participated in the association’s activities all over the world, will “put their face on it”. In other words, they will send their photo with the poster with the slogan  #nogoingback, which will be posted on all the social channels of the association. The slogan, as well as in Italian, is translated into English #nogoingback, Spanish #atrásnosevuelve and in Portuguese, #atrásnāosevolta, because the association has always had an international scope.

The campaign also aims to promote the annual The Catholic Forum Information for the Protection of Creation, to be held in September. Once again, the theme will be #nogoingback, and will be dedicated to fragility. 

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Always enter the HT: #nogoingback

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