Greenaccord's Board

During the Greenaccord' Meeting on Saturday 30 November 2019, the new Board was elected and will remain in office for the next four years.

Rome, 2 December 2019 - The Greenaccord Onlus Meeting, on Saturday 30 December, elected the new Board which will be in office for the next four years.

Confirmed as President Alfonso Cauteruccio; Vice-president, the TG2 journalist Christiana Ruggeri; Secretary General the journalist Giuseppe Milano. Andrea Masullo reconfirmed as scientific director.

The new Board is made up as follows: Alfonso Cauteruccio (President, confirmed); Christiana Ruggeri (Vice President); Giuseppe Milano (Secretary General); Antonio D’Angelo (Treasurer, confirmed); Andrea Masullo (Scientific Director, confirmed); Martina Valentini (confirmed); Romina Gobbo (with responsibility for Communication); Domenico Gaudioso (with delegation for international relations); Elpidio Dell’Aversana (delegated to organize events); Luisella Meozzi (as president of Greenaccord Emilia Romagna); Domenico Piano (as president of Greenaccord Umbria); Silvia Guidi (as president of Greenaccord Lazio); Claudio Farnetani (confirmed, president of Greenaccord Toscana).

Alfonso Cauteruccio, re-elected for the third and last term as president of Greenaccord Onlus, he said: “Having renewed the Greenaccord Onlus Board for two thirds allows the Association to have new vitality and enthusiasm necessary to offer the international network of journalists, which follows with interest the our meetings, a contribution more responsive to the needs dictated by today's environmental emergencies and new communication challenges. I wish the new Board of Directors to share a significant and rewarding experience in Greenaccord capable of giving a new impetus to the training and awareness service made available to many operators in the world of information ".



CHRISTIANA RUGGERI, Vice president. TG2 journalist

GIUSEPPE MILANO, General secretary. Expert in soil consumption of climate change, urban regeneration and energy communities


ANDREA MASULLO, Scientific Director and President of the Scientific Committee. He is a consultant to the Ministry of the Environment

DOMENICO GAUDIOSO, Responsible for International Relations. Former ISPRA executive and member of the Scientific Committee of WWF-Italy


MARTINA VALENTINI, Communication, Press office. Editorial service at GreenPress EnvironMedia

ROMINA GOBBO, Responsible for Communication. Freelance Journalist for: Avvenire, Credere, Famiglia Cristiana


DOMENICO PIANO, Umbria Greenaccord Responsible. Journalist and Regional President of UCSI Umbria

LUISELLA MEOZZI, Responsabile Emilia Romagna Greenaccord. Giornalista ed operatrice Wigwam

CLAUDIO FARNETANI, Responsabile Toscana Greenaccord. Giornalista Avvenire, RAI, RAI International

SILVIA GUIDI, Responsabile Lazio Greenaccord. Giornalista de l’Osservatore Romano


GIUSEPPE ROGOLINO Consigliere del Presidente. Scultore, videodesigner e giornalista

MARIO BARBARISI Consigliere del Presidente. Direttore responsabile de Il Ponte

ENRICO TECCE Consigliere del Presidente. Giornalista de Il Ponte

ROBERTO BARONIO Consigliere del Presidente. Fondatore e Membro del Direttivo di Sustainable Biotechnologies Company S.r.l

SIR JOHN MARTIN THOMAS Consigliere del Presidente, con la delega ai rapporti istituzionali con l’Asia ed in particolare con l’India

MARINA TOMARRO Consigliere del Presidente. Giornalista presso Vatican News