Who is Greenaccord?

Greenaccord Greenaccord is a non-profit Cultural Association of Christian inspiration. It was created in order to spur the attention of journalists, and not only, on the theme of the protection of Nature also in consideration of the Pope John Paul II’s invitation contained in the Novo Millennio Ineunte: “… Christians can not hold off before the perspectives of an ecological disorder which makes large areas of the country inhospitable and enemies of Man”.

Greenaccord addresses the national and international media community in order to induce a thorough secular reflection and a continuous debate on the role and the responsibility of the journalist towards ecological subjects. In fact, it seems necessary to examine the journalist’s role and social responsibility more closely, considering the present ecological urgencies and emergencies as well as the fact that the modern media system affects identity, language, thoughts, shared values, historical memory, individual and social behaviours through its powerful apparatus for the world representation and for the description of the “reality”.

To achieve this goal, Greenaccord organizes every year an “International Media Forum” that gathers about 100 journalists coming from all over the world. The Forum is also intended to facilitate contacts among journalists in order to create a net of communication, commitment and solidarity also through internet.

The Forums have the general intent to "train the trainers", that is, to develop a discourse that extends from the simple professional ethical sphere of the journalist to the ethical-social one.

The importance of Greenaccord

The Greenaccord Forums are among the few events on environmental matters worldwide designed and created with the aim of reaching the world of information.

They have the aim of offering journalists the opportunity to know and compare the most current scientific, institutional and business experiences, aimed at environmental sustainability that sees in the front line a new citizen more aware and informed, thanks to the initiatives activated by the main Associations of sector and all those companies that make their ecological commitment an important example to share.

This fundamental uniqueness of the event allows you to contribute to forming the specialized press, which can take advantage of the meeting opportunities that Greenaccord offers for free for constant comparison and updating.

Greenaccord ownership

The Greenaccord Media Forum is designed and created with the High Patronage of the President of the Republic and with the patronage of: Ministry of the Environment and Protection of the Territory and the Sea, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Enaj (European Network of Agricultural Journalist), National Council of the Journalists' Association, National Federation of the Italian Press, Institutions (Regions, Provinces and Municipalities) that insist on the territory concerned.


From 2003 to today GA has created 15 Forums aimed at the press from around the world and 14 Forums dedicated to the formation of the national press with the aim of stimulating a secular reflection on the role and responsibility of the journalist towards ecological issues.

In these years of activity GA has obtained the patronage of:

UNEP, RUNIC (ONU), UNESCO, FAOUNEP, RUNIC (UN), UNESCO, FAO, President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe; National Geographic Tv, Enaj, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation


High Patronage of the President of the Republic; Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of the Environment, Senate, Lazio Region, Tuscany Region, Campania Region, Lombardy Region, Province of Rome, Province of Florence, Province of Naples, Province of Siena, Autonomous Province of Trento, Municipalities of Naples, of Florence , Pistoia, Cuneo, Rapolano Terme, Frascati and Monteporzio, ISPRA Environment, Federforeste, Forestry Carabinieri. And trade associations such as: National Council of the Order of Journalists, Italian National Press Federation, Rai News 24, Italian Catholic Weekly Federation, Italian Catholic Press Union, Rai Social Action Department, Journalists School Association of Perugia

and the participation and collaboration of environmental associations such as: Worldwatch Institute, Green Belt Movement, World Water Council, WWF, Greenpeace, Legambiente.

Thanks to its training activity from 2003 to today Greenaccord has built a network of over 900 journalists including 500 from foreign countries such as: Spain, Germany, Latvia, Romania, Hungary, Turkey, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Russia, Philippines, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, China, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, United States of America, Canada, Uruguay, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Jamaica, Mauritania, Ghana, Burundi, Cameroon, Zambia, South Africa, Australia, etc. . Throughout its activity Greenaccord has hosted and implemented its environmental training program with over 2000 journalists.

Greenaccord hosted, among others, the authoritative testimonies of: the Chilean writer Luis Sepulveda; Dr. Lester Brown, President of the Earth Political Institute (USA); Prof. Jonathan Lash, President of the World Resources Institute, Washington D.C .; Dr. Caleb M. Fundanga, Governor of the Bank of Zambia, Advisory Committee the African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) Africa; Prof. Serge Latouche, Prof. of Economic Sciences at the 11th University of Paris; Prof. Wangari Maathai, President of the Green Belt Movement and 2005 Nobel Peace Prize; Loïc Fauchon, President of the World Water Council; Sen. Renzo Gubert, Vice President of the Environment, Agriculture and Local and Regional Affairs Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe; Dr. Hartwig De Haen, Assistant General Manager, FAO Economic and Social Department, Prof. Michael Renner; Worldwatch Institute (Washington, D.C.); Prof. Mathis Wackernagel, Founder of the Global Footprint Network; William Rees, economist; Robert Costanza, economist; Zygmunt Bauman, sociologist; Jeffrey Sachs, Director of the Earth Institue; Friederich Hinterberger, Scientific Director and President of Sustainable Europe Research Institute - SERI; Paul Connett, creator of Zero Waste strategy; Fritjof Capra, Director of the Center of Ecoliteracy; Hunter Lovins, President of Natural Capitalism Solutions; William Becker, President of the Presidential Climate Action Project (USA); Frederick Charles Dubee, Director of the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation; Fabian Capitanio, professor of Economics and Agricultural Policy at the Federico II University of Naples); Felipe Camargo, UNCHR Regional Representative for Southern Europe; Ambrogio Spreafico, Bishop of Frosinone - Veroli - Ferentino; Fabio Fabene, Undersecretary of the Synod of Bishops; Fabiano Longoni, UNPSL CEI Director; Angelo Romano, Pontifical Theology Commissioner of the Urbanian University; Carlo Ratti, Professor at MIT in Boston; Massimo Comparini, CEO of E-Geos / Telespazio; Roberto Battiston, President of the Italian Space Agency; Maurizio Rossi, FounderCoCEO H-FARM member of KelloggInnovation Network, member of Future.io, member of Vatican Art Technology Council, board of Science Gallery Venice; Giorgio Ventre, Director of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies of the Univ. Federico II of Naples, Scientific Director of the iOS Developer Academy; Lorenzo Maternini, Vice President Corporate & Partner Relations Talent Garden; Maurizio Pignone, National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology; William S. Becker, executive director of the Presidential Climate Action Project; Bruno Ratti, president of the Geoknowledge Foundation; Ivan Faiella, senior economist of the Bank of Italy; Enrico Giovanni, Professor of Economic Statistics at the Tor Vergata University of Rome, former Istat President and Minister of Labor; Andrea Baranes, president of the Ethical Finance Foundation; Antonio Cammisecra, CEO of Enel Green Power; Robert Costanza, professor of ecological economics at the Australian National University; Fritjof Capra, founder and director of the Center for Ecoliteracy; Jinfeng Zhou, general secretary of the China Green Development Foundation; Sergio Baffoni, coordinator of the forest campaign for the Environmental Paper Network; Salina Abraham, Youth Coordinator, Global Landscapes Forum; Davide De Laurentis, deputy commander of the environmental and agri-food forestry units of the Carabinieri; Teresa Muthoni Maina Gitonga, coordinator of the International Tree Foundation; Andrey Laletin, president of Friends of the Siberian Forests; Woro Supartinah, Representative and communication manager of the Network for Riau Forest Rescue in Indonesia; Douglas McGuire, FAO Forest and Landscape Protection and Restoration Coordinator; Katharina Seuser, former President of the European Network of Agricultural Journalists; Giuseppe Scarascia Mugnozza, Full Professor of Forestry and Forest Ecophysiology of the University of Tuscia; Lorenzo Baldisseri, Secretary General of the Synod of Bishops; Renato Mazzoncini, Polytechnic Professor of Milan; Emilio Misuriello, CEO of Esri Italia; Giovanni Verga, President of the College of Engineers and Architects of Milan; Guido Fabbri, Co-founder & CMO Geosmartcampus; Laura Aria, Director General for Business Incentives of the Ministry of Economic Development; Giulio Lo Iacono (ASviS - Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development); Giulia Di Tommaso (Chief Communication & SustainabilityOfficer Ferrero); Gabriele Ferrieri, president of ANGI - National Association of Young Innovators; Pierluigi Malavasi, Director of the High School for the Environment of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart; Paolo Strano, President of Semi di Libertà Onlus; Beatrice Lorenzin, former Minister of Health and deputy; Livio de Santoli, Vice-Rector for energy policies "Sapienza" University of Rome; Edison Barbieri, Professor at the State University of Sao Paulo in Brazil and a member of EcoOne; Rosana Pinheiro, Biologist and environmental specialist and project manager - ConXsus - Sustainable Connections Brazil; Rafael Padilha, jurist and humanist of the University of Vale do Itajaì from Brazil; Laurent Mazas, executive director of the Cortile dei Gentili; Francesca Casella, director of the Italian branch of Survival International; Paolo Maria Braghini, Capuchin Missionary in the Amazon; Rosanna Virgili, theologian at the Pontifical Lateran University; Alessandra Turrisi, Journalist of Avvenire; Cecilia Costa, Professor of Sociology at Roma Tre University; Elisabetta Guidobaldi, Journalist, ANSA Head of Service; Pippo Onufrio, Greenpeace Director; Angela Caponnetto, Rainews Journalist; Alessandra Bailo Modesti, Head, Green Cities Area - Foundation for sustainable development; Nunzia Taraschi, Anthropologist, Sextantio cultural aspects; Giuseppe Amato, UPSL Director of the Diocese of Cefalù; Max Paiella, television host and artist; Maurizio Gronchi, Professor of Christology at the Pontifical Urbaniana University; Domenico Gaudioso, former Ispra Executive; Lucia Capuzzi, journalist for Avvenire; Giuseppina Paterniti Martello, Director of TG3; Antonio Cianciullo, journalist from La Repubblica.


In September 2008 was published "La terra è casa tua", Practical tips for sustainable living, edited by Andrea Masullo (Ancora Editrice, Milan 2008, € 12.00). In October 2005, for the types of EMI (Bologna 2005), the volume of the documents of the 2nd International Forum for the Protection of Nature, held in Rapolano Terme (SI) from 2 to 5 November 2004, was published. Economy and Environment. The challenge of the third millennium contains the texts of the reports by Lester Brown, Caleb Fundanga, Jonathan Lash, Serge Latouche, Joan Martinez Alier, Andrea Masullo, Ignazio Musu and Mathis Wackernagel (EMI Editions, Bologna 2005, pp. 170, € 10, 00). In June 2005 the “No food: frontier agriculture” Study Day documents were printed on their own. The booklet reports the interventions of: Franco Pasquali, Alessandro Bozzini, Franco Miglietta, Davide Pettenella, Mario Malinconico, Luca Marcora, Luca Bellotti, Andrea Masullo.


With decree n. DEC / RAS / 578/2007 issued on 31 May 2007 and with personal appreciation of the Minister of the Environment, Hon. Pecoraro Scanio, the Greenaccord Cutural Association has been officially recognized among the environmental protection associations referred to in art. 13 of the law 8/7/1986, n. 349 and subsequent amendments.

The recognition is visible in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic n.140 of 06/19/2007 at the link: www.gazzettaufficiale.it Since October 2014, the Association has been recognized as an authorized third party trainer on behalf of the National Council of the Order of Journalists.