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Climate change: an issue of sustainable development including social and economic dimension.Climate change: an issue of sustainable development including social and economic dimension.

By Demir Pereyra – Journalist Greenaccord – Uruguay

In the articulator system and multidimensional role of climate change is not understood as a “green” issue but as an issue of sustainable development including social and economic dimension.

The National Director of Environment, Jorge Rucks said the agency working was achieved with the implementation of SNRCC. “Each of the institutions must create opportunities to mainstream climate change in their responsibilities. Challenge is to adapt and provide solutions to the specific problems caused by climate change, such as floods, droughts, extreme winds, tidal changes, heat waves at the same time we have to incorporate the responsibility to emit less greenhouse gases, have cleaner production. This is done on the system in an integrated manner, with an overview of how we act, where each maintains its identity as an institution but to join forces in society SNRCC find an instrument that allows us to advance solutions. And at the same time allow us to generate position to carry international discussions”

These five years reflect an opportunity to account for advances in public policy matters and say what you think and do what they say, especially in such a sensitive, important and strategic issue, not only for the present but with vision prospective impacts of climate change. Adaptation of production systems has to do with the position of the country, international negotiation, reducing vulnerability of agroecosystems. The most vulnerable to the effects of weather, are precisely those who have other vulnerabilities.

Uruguay has particular characteristics regarding climate change, being a basically agricultural country , and agriculture developed in the open, the effects of warm – up overall affect us strongly . Uruguay is they’re doing in the intelligence and vision to develop coping mechanisms. And adaptation deals with two important concepts from the point of view of the agricultural sector on the one hand the vulnerability of agricultural systems to climate change impacts and other knowledge of the functions of resilience of agroecosystems. Producing more food and raw materials while minimizing the effect on environment and build resilience were the three axes defined in the last five years.

Climate change is a challenge for all and for all. In this sense, the work of the institutions through the implementation of articulated and coordinated actions aimed at improving the quality of life of the Uruguayans. This has been key to integrate the information gathered through generations of meteorological services, which proved decisive instance to understand the historical performance and trends of climate change.

It is important to deepen the understanding of the behavior of climate action that will better predict tomorrow and the future in the medium and long term; legacy that will be left to the generations that will face new climate scenarios.

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